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Windows 7 Like Superbar in Ubuntu 9.10

14/12/2009 5 comments

I have Made a Tutorial for those who like to see their GNOME Panel like the Windows 7 Superbar

Like This-

My Desktop

(Optional)Right Click the Panel and Click “Properties” then Click Background Tab.Click Solid Colour and set the Colour and transparency –

Note: The More Transparency you set the more the panel gets blended with your background

We will now need to add the dockbarX Gnome Panel Plugin

First add the dockbar-main PPA(Copy Paste Would Work)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dockbar-main/ppa

Then update your apt cache

sudo apt-get update

Then install dockbarX

sudo apt-get install dockbarx

Now Right click your panel and Click “Add to Panel”

Select the DockBarX Applet and click Add.

There you are done.You now have a Windows 7 like Superbar in Ubuntu(Though it won’t show you the Live Preview).

If you want to Pin Items Click the three Parallel Lines and drag it as far as you want and Drag the icons of applications you want to pin to the Gnome Panel.

You can remove the old Window List by clicking the three parallel lines before it and clicking “Remove from Panel”.

Comments are welcome(even bad ones).If you have any problems contact me at

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