An easy way to make Docky Themes(noob friendly)

Do you love docky?but yeah you can’t find a theme that suits you tastes.Hre is a Tutorial for making Docky Themes-

1)Press Alt+F2 or fire up the terminal

2)Enter this command-gksu nautilus /usr/share/docky/themes

3)Enter your password

4)Copy the theme’s folder that you want as base.e.g. I chose the HUD Theme

5)Paste it there

6)Rename it to whatever you like.e.g.I renamed HUD(2) to Trans

7)Open the folder and modify the contents with GIMP or Inkscape(I prefer it because it is easy)

8)Do Compress it as a .tar.gz and post it on Gnome-Look so others can use it.

Let me know the Theme you have created(with links please) and your thoughts on this article in the Comments.

Here is a theme I created with this technique-

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What do you expect from Ubuntu One Music Store?

24/02/2010 4 comments

As you all know that Lucid Alpha 3 is going to be released 25th February that is tommorow.The Ubuntu One Music Store is going to be fully implemented in this release.So tell us in this poll what are your expectations from it in this Poll.Quick we don’t have much time because canonical is going to announce something tommorow at 1800 UTC(From Omg Ubuntu ).

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100% Cpu Usage?Might be fault of Gnome-Do.

29/01/2010 4 comments

I had been using Gnome-Do and found out that it was using all of the CPU!

So I looked up on the web  and found a solution and it’s very easy-

Open a terminal and type or copy-paste these commands.

1)sudo add-apt-repository ppa:do-core/ppa

2)sudo apt-get update

3)sudo apt-get upgrade

Installing Gnome Activity Journal in just three commands No bzr No Compiling)

21/01/2010 2 comments

You might be aware of Gnome Activity Journal which is awesome.Here is the tutorial to get it installed in just three copy paste commands-

1)sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa

2)sudo apt-get update

3)sudo apt-get install gnome-activity journal

Done.Now enjoy.

Become an Editor(Moderator) on my Blog(for Free)

Hello.Anyone who wants to become a moderator on my blog(for free).Apply for User and send me a email on

Qualities I am looking for-

1)Can Devote at least 1 hour for this Blog.
2)Must Know how to use ubuntu Properly.
3)Can Keep Us Informed on new software,news etc with sources or install procedure AND MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THE SITE HE HAS TAKEN INFORMATION FROM ALONG WITH THE LINK.

OpenShot Needs you Help

For those who would like to see OpenShot in the Official Ubuntu Repositories go to this page and click “Affects Me Too”.

Note:You need to sign in to launchpad for this.

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Metacity Compositing in Ubuntu 9.10

15/12/2009 3 comments

For Those who have problems with compiz (Super old GPU etc.) you can use Metacity’s Compositing Feature(Doesn’t give fancy effects but you can use use an App or Dock that requires compositing because it uses your CPU instead of GPU).

First Press Alt+F2.

Type gconf-editor

Click Edit ->Find

type compositing_manager and tick Search also in Key Names.

Click Find.

Click the item in lower window

tick the box in front of  compositing_manager.


Any Questions?Reply in Comments or send e-mail to