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Nature lovers Rejoice-Ubuntu is supporing to svae the Iberian Lynx

Here’s how…

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the new release from Ubuntu, is code-named the Lucid Lynx. Unfortunatley the Iberian lynx is endangered with some estimates putting the numbers as low as 150 animals remaining. So at Canonical we’ve decided to give our users the chance to help the people at the charity SOS Lynx.

How do you help?

In Ubuntu 10.04 LTS we have launched a new music service called the Ubuntu One Music Store. It’s a really cool place to go and buy tracks from the world’s biggest bands. The Ubuntu One Music Store is a cloud-enabled digital music store. Purchases are first transferred to your Ubuntu One personal cloud and then automatically downloaded to all of your computers. We give all customers 2 GB of free cloud storage.

To contribute to the charity all you have to do is buy a track at the normal cost. That’s it. Canonical will give away 50% of our take of the revenue up to a total of $1004. You can of course directly contribute to the charity if you prefer.

How do I access the Ubuntu One Music Store?

  1. To buy music from the Ubuntu One Music Store, you must have an Ubuntu One account. Go to http://one.ubuntu.com, choose from our available plans, and setup your subscription. If you already have an Ubuntu SSO (or Launchpad) account, you can use the same login credentials.
  2. Link your computer to your Ubuntu One account by launching the Ubuntu One Preferences application from your desktop. A web browser will guide you through the setup process. This will make all of your purchased music download to your computer as well as to your personal cloud.
  3. Launch Rhythmbox, the music player that comes will all copies of Ubuntu. Click on “Ubuntu One” under the list of Stores. You can now select from the top pics and new releases, browse by genre or search for your favorite artist, album or song. All songs are available in high quality 256 kbps or higher MP3 audio encoding and are DRM-free. Banshee users can also use the music store by installing a custom extension.
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  1. Chris Lees
    16/05/2010 at 3:12 PM

    You can also buy the plush Lynx toy from Canonical’s online shop at http://shop.ubuntu.com. It has an Ubuntu logo on its collar and some money from it goes to SOS Lynx. It’s limited edition, so hurry.

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